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8bitMMO develops desktop version, looks to crowdfunding for server upgrade

MJ Guthrie

Who says all games must be awash in millions of pixels and near life-like graphics? 8BitMMO proudly boasts over 100 pixels and over the last two years has grown from one to over 75,000 registered users. The game also has a desktop version currently in beta, which includes a new leveling system, new swords, and new monsters. With so much growth (as well as an upcoming Steam launch), this sandbox is looking to upgrade its servers. Enter the MEGA-OCTOBERBIT-FUNDRAISER.

Creator and one-man-development-team Robby Zinchak has joined the crowdfunding bandwagon by turning to the community for help in raising the funds needed to get the server upgrades that will let more players in, allow for faster load times, and reduce latency. Also, the stretch goal includes the equipment to make a Mac edition of the desktop client.

If you are interested in seeing what this game is about or want to hear about the expansion plans straight from the source, watch the fundraiser trailer after the jump.

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