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Keyboard tips and secrets in iOS


In iOS 7, the keyboard got a visual overhaul but kept most of its handy shortcuts. As pointed out by TechHive, there are several tips and hidden features (many that were also present in iOS 6) that'll make your typing time a little bit easier. (Note that only applications that are updated for iOS 7 will see the new design for the keyboard.)

The rundown of keyboard tips is pretty thorough, and there were some we hadn't noticed before. Most Twitter apps, for example, insert both the @ and # symbols so you can easily message someone or write a hashtag. The previously-available emoji and foreign keyboards are still there, if you turn them on in Settings. And the missing ".com" key for URL entries can be found by holding down the period in an appropriate field.

There are also a handful of hidden characters that are accessible by holding down a key on the keyboard. The one I use the most is the "..." that is available by long-holding the period key in non-URL fields.

You can check out the full list of shortcuts in the TechHive article. More tips on text entry in iOS:

If you have a favorite iOS tip, be sure to let us know!

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