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Shadow of the Colossus joins PS Plus free games on October 8


The next free game on offer to PlayStation Plus subscribers will be the PlayStation 3's high-definition remake of Shadow of the Colossus, according to the

Though it borders on "cult classic" status, Shadow of the Colossus is a widely beloved classic. Our Deja Review of the high-definition remake describes it as "one of the most remarkable video games ever created." The PlayStation 3 version maintains the crisp gameplay and grand scope found in its initial PlayStation 2 release, but increases the resolution of the game while also increasing the size of its textures. The result, as our review puts it, is "an unreproducible treat."

Unlike many other PlayStation Plus free games, those without subscriptions to Sony's program will not see a discount on Shadow of the Colossus. Instead, it will maintain its normal $20 pricing.

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