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Any.DO's Cal app scores Uber, Waze and Google Maps integration (updated)


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The stock iOS calendar works just fine for basic scheduling, but if you religiously use Uber, Waze or Google Maps, Any.DO's Cal could be worth checking out. An update to the popular productivity outfit's brainchild brings integration with the three aforementioned services, which means you can now call a cab via Uber without leaving Cal, so long as you're in an area where the town cars roam. You'll also be able to navigate your way using Waze and Google Maps without having to launch them. As a nice bonus, Any.DO is introducing a new gifting feature that lets you buy straight from Amazon or from within the app itself. Cal is still nowhere to be seen on Google Play, but iOS users can score the refreshed application at the source.

Update (10/08/13): The folks at Any.DO have informed us that you can't access Uber without leaving Cal after all. There's actually an Uber link within the calendar that launches the request-a-ride app. The amended press release is attached after the break if you'd like to know more.

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Cal By Simplifies Your Commute With Three New Integrations
Uber, Waze, and Google Maps Now Allow Users To Plan Their Travel

Monday, Oct 7th 2013, 11:00AM PST, San Francisco - Cal, the intuitive and design-driven calendar app for iPhone, is taking another step in becoming the best calendar app for iOS 7 by announcing three new integrations that take the process out of users' daily commutes.

Integrations with Uber, Google Maps, and Waze, launching today, allow a user to get from point A to point B without the hassle of re-entering information. "It was imperative that it all feels very fluid. Typical calendar apps are just a repository of information. We wanted to bring the calendar to life by making it actionable and helping people do what they plan to do," says founder and CEO Omer Perchik.

Meetings, work commutes, coffee dates, birthday parties - Cal already knows where a user needs to be at any given time. With a single click, those static plans now become commutes toward a destination.

A ride when you need it
Powerful Uber integration let's users get a ride when and where they need it, with the simplicity they've come to expect with Cal. (available in supported locations)

Navigate your day
Pre-filled, embedded Google Maps and Waze interfaces help users seamlessly check their plans and navigate to their destinations.

Come bearing gifts
Additionally, a new gifting feature allows Cal users to purchase gifts through Amazon and without having to leave the app.

The new features mark the next iteration for's suite of life management apps, which aim to help people have better days without the usual friction of planning and scheduling. "A lot of productivity comes down to that 'nudge' that sets you in the right direction. These integrations lift the burden of planning and coordinating, and help you focus on the things that matter instead so you can tap into your daily flow and have a good day," Perchik says.

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