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Dragon Quest 1-8 head for smartphones


Square Enix is giving the smartphone treatment to the Dragon Quest series, with the first eight numbered games all on the way to iOS and Android. Dragon Quest 1 gets things started this year, a teaser site confirming it's coming to iOS and Android in Japan in the winter.

There's no word on prices yet, or which versions of each game will be ported over; DQ 5 and DQ 6 recently came to DS, for example. The announcement is only for Japan, but bear in mind Square Enix released smartphone ports for Final Fantasy 1-5 worldwide.

Meanwhile, a new Dragon Quest Monsters game, subtitled Super Light, is also on the way to iOS and Android. There are no details on the spinoff entry as yet, but you can go enjoy a cavalcade of bleepy bloopy sound effects on its teaser site.

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