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Breakfast Topic: That one thing you never manage to pull off when it counts


I love jumping puzzles. I'm not naturally the best at them, but I enjoy enough them in small, consistent doses that I eventually polish up to become one of the more reliable jumpers in my group. But if someone in front of me falls ... It's all over. I overthink it and plummet into the depths every single time.

Better hope someone's around who can just summon me.

Luckily, there's aren't too many teeth-clenching leaps blocking our way into dungeons and raids in Azeroth, so I'm practically off the hook. But what about you folks who seize up over other minutiae? The cooldown you always forget you have, an inability to think coherently through a stun, a complete loss of composure and focus if someone in the room with you speaks to you during a complex encounter? It doesn't matter how many times you think things out ahead of time ... When the time comes for this one tiny thing to happen, you drop the ball. Every single time.

What's that one thing you never manage to pull off when it counts?

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