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GAME addresses PS4 Watch Dogs bundle situation for UK buyers


UK retailer GAME has taken to Twitter to reassure its customers in the wake of yesterday's Watch Dogs delay, and to explain how this affects existing PlayStation 4 pre-orders.

Happily, those who've already dropped cash on a PlayStation 4 or Watch Dogs pre-order need not worry: Both items will be available to you as soon as they launch. GAME is currently ironing out details on how it will alter those pre-orders that include both a PlayStation 4 and Watch Dogs, but the retailer claims that it will soon be in touch with customers to offer further information.

This news comes shortly after similar public responses from both Amazon and GameStop. As we reported yesterday, those who pre-ordered PlayStation 4 systems from either of those retailers will not have their dreams of unwrapping a new console at launch dashed by this Watch Dogs situation.

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