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Scale tells a tale of prison break, atomic science, a cat


Take a moment to watch this trailer for Steve Swink's Scale. You're welcome.

Scale takes cues from Portal and The Swapper, blending first-person scientific gunning with a mysterious, whimsical setting ripe for exploration and adventure. Players embody Penny Prince, an inventor jailed for accidentally destroying the east coast with a gun that sucks the size out of objects and injects that mass into other things. While imprisoned, Penny slaps together a hodge-podge sizing gun and escapes with the rehabilitative therapy coordinator living in her brain, seeking freedom and her cat.

This is the first declaration of the narrative driving Scale since its unveiling at GDC 2012: The fresh story details come from the Scale Kickstarter, launched today and seeking $87,000 over one month. The game has players resize objects, animals and worlds to solve puzzles and uncover secrets in a beautiful 3D environment, all while the makeshift sizing gun becomes increasingly unstable.

Scale is the brainchild of Cubeheart Games, led by Swink, with voice work by Ashly Burch of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? and Sarah Elmaleh of Gone Home, and music from FTL's Ben Prunty and Super Meat Boy's Danny Baranowsky. Scale is due out for PC, Mac and Linux, and Swink is sure to point out that Linux support means Scale is coming to SteamOS and Steam Machines. Check out the Scale Kickstarter details here.

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