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Indie RPG Avadon 2 debuts October 30 on PC, Mac


The next entry in Spiderweb Software's cult-favorite Avadon roleplaying game series arrives on October 30 under the title Avadon 2: The Corruption. An iOS release is scheduled for early 2014.

As with prior entries in Spiderweb's series, Avadon 2 is strictly an old-school affair. Players build a character from one of five character classes (each with dozens of unique abilities), and set off on a lengthy adventure where the enemies are Tolkien-esque and the combat is turn-based. The game is presented from a three-quarters overhead perspective while its graphics are largely sprite-based; A design choice that creates a resemblance to the classic Gold Box line of Dungeons & Dragons computer games.

"As a Hand of Avadon, the Black Fortress, you once held unlimited power," reads the official plot description for Avadon 2. "Your word was law. Your homeland was united and prospered under the protection of the Black Fortress. Now that fragile alliance has collapsed. Rebellion rages, outside enemies gather, and Avadon lies in ruins. Will you fight to restore your power and bring peace to your realm, or will you join the rebels and forge a new nation?"

There's currently no pricing information for Avadon 2, though it seems likely that the sequel will follow in its predecessor's footsteps by featuring a $20 price tag. More details can be found on Spiderweb Software's site.

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