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Red 5 doubles Firefall's internal QA team, focuses on bug-squashing

Jef Reahard

Red 5 has a new Firefall development update initiative in the works, the first entry for which went live on the game's website recently. The dev blog mentions that bug-squashing is currently a major point of focus, so much so that the studio has doubled its internal quality assurance team.

The team is also hard at work on the UI and a new HUD as well as the game's dynamic encounter systems. The details are fuzzy at this point, but Red 5 says that "Firefall is meant to be a living, breathing world with things happening at all times and something that reacts to player involvement."

The rest of the dev blog covers the game's story, character progression, crafting, creatures, combat, and social integration. Read all about it via the links below.

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