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Witness the horrors of Pokémon combat through Pikachu's eyes


Imagine you awake one day to find that you're now a Pikachu. You barely have a moment to take in this Kafka-esque plot twist before a Bulbasaur rushes you from the undergrowth, vines undulating with all the menace of a killer who enjoys his work. At first you're outmatched, as the diminutive plant-lizard slices trees in half and flings you around the clearing. He winds up for a devastating Hyper Beam, but you're a bit quicker, and the Bulbasaur is struck by a blinding bolt of lightning, instantly flash-frying his corpse.

Dramatic, no? Director Filipe B. Costa has been making a name for himself with these kinds of perspective alterations. He's also lent his first-person style to The Legend of Zelda, with results that are slightly more awkward than this Pokémon battle, but impressive nonetheless. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that Nintendo will release a game resembling either of those videos any time soon, so consider this your daily reminder that life is a cruel mistress.

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