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Dark Matter temporarily removed from Steam, GOG offering refunds


Dark Matter is not available on Steam for the apparent time being, following complaints over the game's incomplete story and lack of labeling as an episodic adventure. The game was removed this morning, with a notice going up on its Steam page saying "Currently there is a known issue at the end of the game. The developer is aware of the issue and they are working on a patch as a solution."

Meanwhile, is offering refunds to those who bought the game before its description was updated on the site. Now GOG's listing indicates Dark Matter is the "first half" of a story, an update that "adequately reflects the game" according to the retailer.

Dark clouds circled around Dark Matter over the weekend, when players vented their anger over its "to be continued" ending, accusing developer InterWave Studios of seemingly releasing an unfinished product. Erik Schreuder, CEO of publisher Iceberg Interactive, responded by clarifying that the 2.5D horror platformer is the first episode of a larger overall saga, one that was originally planned as standalone game.

InterWave Studios brought Dark Matter as that standalone game to Kickstarter earlier this year, with plans to sell it for $30. The game wasn't funded, and a few months later Iceberg Interactive released the now controversial first episode, also called Dark Matter, for $15.

Schreuder said Dark Matter is "exactly as described on Steam," but the store page makes no mention of the game being episodic. Schreuder was forced to concede the ending "may cause confusion and is not satisfactory," and noted a "more conclusive and satisfying ending" is in the works - as perhaps indicated by the new notice on Steam. At the time of writing, the game remains on sale at

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