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You can use your real name on PlayStation 4 at launch, but aliases are OK too


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Earlier this year at the PlayStation 4's coming out event, Mark Cerny, the system's lead architect, announced that gamers would be able to use real names on PlayStation Network. Today, Sony re-confirmed that news to Kotaku, stating that it will be available as an option at launch, although gamers can still opt to elect an alias. The move clearly highlights a different, more social direction for PSN, which up until now has just been a digital storefront. Apart from live video streaming capabilities, we don't have many more details about Sony's planned evolution for PSN, but we do know that, unlike Microsoft and its Xbox One, gamers won't have to wait to unmask themselves online. For its part, Microsoft does intend to let gamers use real names within its Friends app, but that option isn't set to go live until sometime after next month's Xbox One release.

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