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Wanna talk OS X Mavericks? MacTech can help!


Goodness, but we had a lot of news from yesterday's event! Now if only you could get together with a bunch of other people who have also spent time with OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. Where, oh where could you find such a place? Well let me tell you...

At the 2013 MacTech Conference is where! This is going to be the first place people can finally stop calling it [TOMCRUISE] and [REDACTED] and say whatever they want.

Or as MacTech describes it, "Where 7 and Mavericks Meet Reality"

This year's MacTech Conference is the first major event after Apple shipped both its new operating systems. And it's primarily geared toward developers and IT professionals, so there's a lot of in-depth, nuts-and-bolts style information here on everything from enterprise Mac/iOS management to deep development talks about a variety of subjects. (I got the chance to go last year and seriously you guys, if you even sit next to the Mac IT person at work, you should be here.)

And as a reminder, TUAW readers who register today can save an additional $400 just by being TUAW readers!

If it is at all possible for you to attend, you've heard me go on about the "hallway track" in the past, and I've had some truly memorable hallway track encounters at MacTech so I cannot recommend this conference highly enough. Where else can I find myself standing in front of Darth Vader while Andy Ihnatko takes my picture? (Answer: Nowhere else.)

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