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Skitch updated with OS X Mavericks compatibility, spiffy new icon


Bloggers -- and many others -- rely on their screenshot apps to capture and annotate images. That's why it's irritating (I'm looking at you, SnapzPro X) when an app isn't updated to work with a new operating system release. Fortunately, the powers-that-be at Evernote have come to the rescue of those who need to grab screenshots with an OS X Mavericks-compatible update for Skitch.

Skitch 2.7 also sports the awesome new "feather" branding that has been rolling out the last few days, visible in the screenshot -- captured with Skitch, naturally -- above. Other improvements include a new app window design to improve usability, grouping of Evernote-related functions into one area, grouping of all image output functions in another, a totally redesigned toolbar and separate Color and Size selectors.

The team also says that there have been "lots of bug fixes" and that the Skitch Markup Engine has been updated for better stability and performance.

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