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Night in the Woods stretch goals include a roguelike from Canabalt designer


Infinite Fall revealed a suite of stretch goals for its crowdfunded adventure game Night in the Woods, teasing the potential addition of a roguelike minigame designed by Adam Saltsman, creator of the landmark endless runner Canabalt.

Developed by Aquaria designer Alec Holowka and animator Scott Benson, Night in the Woods reached its initial funding goal 26 hours after flipping the switch on its Kickstarter project earlier this week. The team has since surpassed its first stretch goal of $70,000, ensuring that the game will ship with additional bonus areas and supplemental background animation by artist Charles Huettner.

Night in the Woods currently seeks $80,000 to develop an additional set of "friendship quests" that flesh out the game's cast, while $90,000 will fund Saltsman's proposed minigame. The team additionally revealed that it's exploring the possibility of console ports for Night in the Woods, but notes that it hasn't finalized its porting plans or target platforms.

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