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Nintendo Wii's last holdout is the United States as European shipments end


The Nintendo Wii is now discontinued in Europe, joining Japan in halting shipments of the massively popular game console. North America is the Wii's final holdout, with Nintendo of America telling GameSpot, "There is no change in the status of Wii in the United States and it is available for purchase this holiday season." Of course, should you really, really want a Wii in Europe, there are still plenty of new and used options still in stores (not to mention the Wii Mini in some territories). And you could always buy a Wii U of course, which has near full backwards compatibility with the Wii.

With poor Wii U sales worldwide, it looks like Nintendo's discontinuation of the original Wii is an effort to push people toward the new system. It could also simply be a question of market confusion: mainstream news outlets and late night talk show hosts have repeatedly referred to the Wii U as an "attachment" to the original Wii, confusing the GamePad for a peripheral. Getting the Wii off the market might just help with that confusion. Nintendo of course isn't saying exactly why it's halting shipments of new Wiis to Europe and Japan, and is instead pointing people toward its newest console. Perhaps that says it all.

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