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Shadowrun Returns summons temporary 33% price cut


If you've been waiting for a good opportunity to pick up Shadowrun Returns, this is your moment: Until October 30 at 10AM, the PC and Mac incarnations of Shadowrun Returns are available from Steam at a 33 percent discount.

For $13.39, Shadowrun Returns offers players a grimy, dystopian futurescape that works nicely as a singleplayer experience, but really comes into its own when you examine the Steam Workshop community that's built up around the game. After completing the 10- to 12-hour campaign that ships with Shadowrun Returns, you'll find dozens of new adventures there available for free download. This was only attractive potential when our review was published, but the community has blossomed since, and it's now trivial to find numerous player-created adventures that humble the campaign built by developer Harebrained Schemes.

In addition to cutting its base price, this Daily Deal also reduces the cost of the Shadowrun Returns Digital Deluxe edition. That version includes a downloadable soundtrack as well as a .pdf containing short stories set in the Shadowrun universe, alongside the game. Buying the Digital Deluxe edition will now set you back $23.44, though if you already own Shadowrun Returns, you can upgrade to Digital Deluxe for $10.05.

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