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WoW Moviewatch: The Druid

You can never go wrong by checking out a Nixxiom video. I was actually a little floored when I saw The Druid. It's really the script that drives the video (not to mention Nixxiom's invariable skill) but it's not super often you get this kind of writing. Even Nixxiom says so:

The Druid started as a script that sat in the back of my Writing folder for months. I never touched it, never looked in its direction, and even forgot I had written it. One day however, I delved into my old writings and found this script where Ashevn, the druid, shares a story with a priestess of Elune. This was a script I felt was very strong and so I really wanted to adapt it into an actual machinima flick to introduce the druid, Ashevn.

Take the time to check it out. Let us know what you think below, but more importabtly, let Nixxiom and Mozq know what you think.
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