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ESRB rating suggests Gradius V is headed for PS3


Initially released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004, Gradius V may soon be making an appearance on the PlayStation 3, assuming a new ESRB rating is to be believed.

The rating - "T for Teen" with "Mild Fantasy Violence" - offers no information on when we should expect this PlayStation 3 version of Gradius V, nor any word on what might differentiate it from the original version of the game. That said, it seems likely that Gradius V will be released as a downloadable title, owing to both its hardcore fanbase and the middling sales it produced at retail in 2004.

Whenever it arrives, Gradius V will mark the first English-language entry in the series since 2008's Gradius Rebirth, a WiiWare pseudo-remake of the four Gradius games released for the Japanese MSX home computer system.

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