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Celebrate two years of Uncharted 3 with free multiplayer DLC


Instead of requesting gifts for the second anniversary of the Uncharted 3 launch, developer Naughty Dog has decided to reward players by making each of the game's multiplayer map packs available for free.

Pay a visit to the PlayStation Network store and you'll find that the three DLC map packs released for Uncharted 3 now feature zero-dollar price tags. Naughty Dog has also reduced the price of a number of multiplayer items found on the PlayStation Network, though that part of the deal will expire on November 4.

While this celebration is meant to send the game into retirement with a bang, there is still one more piece of content headed for Uncharted 3. The next time you fire up the game, your PlayStation 3 will download a patch that includes the new "Dry Docks" multiplayer map, as well as numerous balance changes, all of which have been helpfully outlined on the developer's website.

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