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Blink 182 will close BlizzCon 2013


The above is the virtual ticket promo video, but it reveals one huge detail about BlizzCon 2013 that we didn't know before: Blink 182 will be the band that closes the event. If you skip ahead to 1.15 in the video, it's right there in (literal) black and white. What's your take on the band choice?

Overall, while this video has been made to promote the virtual ticket, it's got me really excited for the con. The costumes, the atmosphere, everything. I'm also really excited for those of you who have the virtual ticket, it's going to be by far the best way to see the con, and you can enjoy the band without being in a packed room full of people!

WoW Insider has been putting out a ton of speculation, information and helpful guides for BlizzCon 2013, and will, of course, be covering every event as it happens!

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