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Steam enters a State of Decay next week


State of Decay is crawling its way onto Steam as a fully-fledged Windows PC game, coming out of Early Access next week on November 5. Going by the Steam page, the Undead Labs concoction will be priced $20.

State of Decay proved a breakout hit on Xbox Live Arcade, with a million would-be survivors plunging themselves into its zombified open world. It then came to Steam Early Access as a controller-only build, but don't fret, because Undead Labs eventually patched in keyboard and mouse support for WASD-wanters.

The XBLA version gobbled up a very respectable three-and-a-half stars in our review, with our Crazy Dave Hinkle deeming it " a nice vacation away from the societal constraints of your everyday, zombie-free life."

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