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Award-winning Epigenesis plays sports in the sky with gravity guns

Epigenesis, winner of the Make Something Unreal Live 2013 competition and Game of the Year from the Swedish Game Awards 2013, is hosting five-on-five ball games in the skies of Steam Early Access. Epigenesis is in late Alpha and only plays with kids that have the Windows platform and $9.99, or $29.99 to get themselves and three of their friends in. Outliers can take their ball and go home.

In Epigenesis, crossing the playing field to score points on the opposing team's goal is essential to victory. With jetpacks and gravity cannons at each player's disposal, however, it's simple only in concept. Players can leap over gaps with well-timed boost jumps, but opponents (or teammates) can ruin their day by shifting a player's arc with a well-placed shove from a gravity cannon.

The related Steam page notes that scoring a point gifts a player with a "genetically modified super-seed," which can be planted on skyscrapers to "capture" the platform. In order to win a match, a team needs to plant a series of seeds leading from their own goal post to the opposing team's. Aside from leading to victory, planted seeds can boost a player's stats or affect the arena with smokescreens and force shields.

There are currently four playable maps and types of seeds available, but two additional seed-types are "in the making."

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