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Mike Rowe's forgotten video game role - music trivia host wearing a 'polyester nightmare'

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Mike Rowe - yes, Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe, Ford commercials Mike Rowe, fired from QVC three times Mike Rowe - once starred in a video game. Did you know that? Well, now you do. Rowe posted a photo of himself as "Bobby Arpeggio," a virtual host for a music trivia game called Radio Active from the way, way back time of 1993. The photo was provided for him by a fan after Rowe appeared on Glenn Beck's radio program.

"When I saw this image, mixed in with all the other kind expressions of support, it made me laugh out loud, and reminded me that when a man can't deny his past (or his outfit), he might as well embrace it," Rowe wrote on his Facebook page.

"It also reminded me that in today's job market, the thing that matters most is a willingness to be a little uncomfortable. To do what you have to do in order to get to whatever is next. To slip into the wardrobe that's waiting. I used to think I learned that lesson on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. But looking at this photo, it's entirely possible I learned it many years before that, on a shiny set in San Francisco, wrapped snugly in a polyester nightmare whose color does not occur in nature."

Embarrassed but uplifting and helpful, all with a slightly bemused look on his face; yup, that's Mike Rowe alright.

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