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    Daily iPad App: Hay Day is a casual farm sim that'll have you raising chickens in no time


    If you are a fan of sims like Theme Park, then you should check Hay Day from Supercell. Hay Day is a farming sim for the iPad and iPhone that brings the spirit of Farmville to the iOS platform.

    Hay Day kicks off with a brief tour that walks you through the basics of the game. Once the tour is over, you are prepared with the skills to turn your small plot of land into a booming agricultural metropolis. You can grow crops, raise animals, produce eggs and even make baked goods like bread. Everything flourishes over time, but you can speed things up with diamonds. When you harvest your bounty, you can trade with friends or sell your wares to make money to improve your farm.

    Hay Day is a freemium game, which means it is free to download, but includes in-app purchases that may be required to advance in the game. It's good clean fun for sim fans with some time on their hands and a bit of cash to spare.

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