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PocketStation app brings the niche peripheral joys of 1999 to the PS Vita


That big important announcement regarding Sony's PocketStation? Well, it was a little zealous to call it important, because rather than anything as thrilling as a hardware revival, Sony's brought back its memory-card-with-a-screen as a charming but limited app for its Vita handheld. Having said that, the company's already gone to the effort of crafting a dedicated portal for compatible games (including Metal Gear Solid: Integral and Final Fantasy VIII). The app isn't standalone, and requires one of those compatible titles to function at all. For now, it's an exclusive free download for PS Plus users in Japan, and there's no official noises so far that it'll appear anywhere beyond those shores at least for now. However, the original hardware did work with compatible overseas titles pre-millennium, so there's at least a chance, if not a particularly huge one.

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