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Microsoft gifting complete Killer Instinct roster to select Xbox users


Microsoft is giving away all the Killer Instinct characters to select Xbox users, effectively unlocking the game in full (minus costumes and accessories it seems). Hundreds of social media users are reporting their Christmases have come early, after they received emails from Microsoft telling them they'll get the full roster of fighters as a freebie.

The Xbox One launch game is otherwise a free download with one character unlocked. The seven remaining characters are priced $5 each, and there's a $20 all-in-one bundle that unlocks all eight fighters, including two extra ones not initially available.

The giveaway isn't limited to Killer Instinct, because a seemingly much smaller group of users is getting the console itself completely free. Just a few Twitter users at the time of writing, including some Microsoft MVPs, are reporting they've received a code today that entitles them to a free Xbox One - just like that.

For the record, Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) are not company employees, but people who've been recognized by Microsoft for "their exceptional achievements in technical communities."

Microsoft's official Xbox Support Twitter accounts have confirmed the emails for both the Killer Instinct and the Xbox One freebies are legit. We've reached out to Microsoft to confirm the specifics of what's going on, and who exactly is entitled to receive what. We're not seeing any obvious rhyme or reason to the people receiving the Killer Instinct freebies, but if you were one of the lucky ones, please let us know in the comments. If not, come give us a hug, because we'll get through this.

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