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RIFT launches update 2.5, Song of Dreams

Eliot Lefebvre

A major patch is always a good thing for a game. And Song of Dreams, or RIFT patch 2.5 for the more numerically inclined in the audience, qualifies as a major patch any way you slice it. It starts off with a mini-saga sending players under the seas at the Ember Isle, forcing players to take part in new underwater combat to learn the mystery of why various expeditions are disappearing.

Still, there's a lot more in this patch. The level requirements on Iron Pine Peak have been relaxed, spreading the zone from level 27 to 35 for a wider band of adventurers. New Planar Attunement Nexuses are available for players with plenty of points and a decided lack of places to spend them. And this is all just the start of the patch's content, which will be slowly expanded over the course of the next month. Take a look at some screenshots below, or click past the break to watch the patch trailer.

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RIFT Song of Dreams Trailer

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