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Joystiq's 'Name an Indie Royale Bundle' contest winners announced


Indie Royale's organizers have chosen a winner in our Name an Indie Royale Bundle contest. The winning entry is..."The 'With Cheese' Bundle," as named by @bourbumchickum! Take a bow, Mr./Ms. Chickum! A code for Indie Royale's current bundle is ready for you to redeem, and your winning title will be etched into a future bundle for all to admire.

Let's get another round of applause for our runner-ups:

- El Bundle De Los Muertos - @misterE33
- The Invasive Walrus Bundle - @Knaverysoul
- The Benedict CumberBundle - @ESharrigan
- The Parenthetical (Bundle) - @eugaet
- The Jambalaya Mayhem Bundle - @CapJSheridan

Thanks for entering! You're all wonderful.

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