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Lego: Lord of the Rings calls iOS its precious, starting today


There are many Lego-branded games on the App Store, but today, one of the most popular movie crossovers, Lego: Lord of the Rings, gets the iOS treatment as well. Following in the footsteps of the iOS ports of other hand-held Lego titles, Lego: Lord of the Rings features more than 90 playable characters, a host of weaponry and, of course, the cheesy humor that has become a trademark of the series.

However, if you're planning on picking this little gem up today for the asking price of US$4.99, be warned: The download is a whopping 3 GB. Once installed, the game takes up around half that space, but you'll need to clear the 3 GB ahead of time if you're planning on downloading it over WiFi to install.

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