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Pioneer's $299 DDJ-SB controller lets you spin records on the cheap (video)

Nicole Lee, @nicole

You might have the ambition and desire to be the next Deadmau5, but the price of some DJ controllers aren't exactly wallet-friendly. Thankfully there are plenty of affordable options out there, and one of them has just arrived from Pioneer. Dubbed the DDJ-SB, it claims similar basic features and operability as the DDJ-SX that debuted last year, but at almost half the cost. A 2-channel controller, the DDJ-SB uses the popular Serato DJ Intro software and touts two decks with large jog wheels for easy scratching, a "filter fade" function for smoother transitions, multiple performance pads and a USB interface so you can hook it up easily to your computer. Sure, you'll still need some knowhow to fully make use of it, but at only $299 each, you could invest your savings in a few DJ lessons. Head past the break for a video of the DDJ-SB in action.

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