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Moto Maker customization for Moto X may soon be available on all major carriers

Sharif Sakr

Fancy as those personalized Moto X handsets may be, they've so far only been an option for customers on AT&T. If evidence from @evleaks and Android Central is to be believed, however, Motorola's special factory lines will open up to Verizon and Sprint customers this coming Monday, November 11th, and possibly today on T-Mobile. The free Moto Maker service allows you choose from a wide range of back plate colors, a couple of front plate colors and some accents colors, so that you never have to experience the world-ending embarrassment of turning up to a party where someone else is wearing the same phone. There was also meant to be a signature engraving option as part of the service, but it's running fashionably late.

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