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Warlords of Draenor Designer Q&A With Fansites


Last night the fansites got a chance to have an open Q&A with Blizzard designers about World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Curse grabbed a video of the Q&A, embedded above. Some highlights:

  • Item Squish is happening. Item Levels are not changing. It's going live with the game unless there's a compelling reason to remove it.
  • No new guild perks. They served their purpose in Cataclysm and there's no plans to do more of them.
  • The guild system was never designed to make people want to be in a guild. The guild achievement system is designed to recognize the accomplishment guilds have achieved.
  • New loot model in flex will scale the number of loot drops based on the number of people in the group who participated in the boss kill and haven't killed it yet during the week.
  • Might be accessing Outland through the Caverns of Time. Access Draenor through the Dark Portal.
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  • Blizzard is happy with scenarios and heroic scenarios. They'll be back in 6.0.
  • They've talked about just having Valor and Conquest points. Justice Points didn't do much.
  • Haven't decided if they're going to keep Valor Point upgrading.
  • There's a possibility of having boost to 90 be purchasable through the Blizzard Store.
  • You'll be able to invite your friends into your garrison, they'll have an option to enter yours or stay in theirs.
  • They want to do a combination of Timeless Isle and Patch 5.1 for WoD end game content.
  • They'd love to do catch-up mechanics for all the professions, like they did with cooking in Mists.
  • They are doing a legendary quest line again.
  • Class quests are resource intensive. They'd like to squeeze in one or two, but no promises.
  • Everyone on the team is working on WoD. No patch 5.5.
  • Not doing another WoW Annual Pass.
  • Level 95 feels weak, 100 is strong.
  • Ghostcrawler does math at the 35:45 mark.
  • Philosophy of leveling up through WoD is just going to be a fun, fast-paced romp. They don't want players to view the 10 levels as a big burden to overcome. Won't be like leveling in BC.
  • Guild halls is something they could do in the future. One step at a time -- first step is garrisons.
  • J. Allen Brack has a pet feature that he wants for achievement comparisons. Not happening yet. Same with searching for achievements.
Many thanks to the folks at Curse for recording the Q&A and putting it up on YouTube.

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