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Tokyoflash Kisai Console gets a wooden makeover, retains futuristic watchface (video)


Somebody at Tokyoflash HQ probably decided that 2013 is the year for wooden redesigns of its old tricky timepieces. A more natural version of its 2011 Kisai Console watch is the latest in a string of makeovers, which includes the Rogue SR2, Stencil, Zone and Maru. Like the re-releases before it, the new Kisai Console retains the original device's watchface that looks like the interface of a sci-fi-esque computer or control panel. The only difference is that its steel case and strap have been replaced by a handcrafted sandalwood bracelet in either red (with green LEDs) or very dark brown (with green or blue watchfaces). Those inclined to wear one of the migraine-inducing watches -- the video after the break sheds light on how it works, though -- can get one now from Tokyoflash for a launch price of $109 until November 14th.

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