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Awesomenauts to miss US PS4 launch, 'hoping' for EU launch


PS4 port Awesomenauts Assemble won't make the console's launch in North America after all, but Ronimo's Jasper Koning sent Joystiq word that his studio's "still hoping to make the European launch, but it's going to be tight."

"Worst case we think is still one or two weeks after [the European PS4 launch,]" Koning told us when asked to clarify. "As for the Steam version, we expect to have [an] announcement sometime later this week."

So it's far from a guarantee that Ronimo's 2D MOBA will make it in time for the PS4's European launch on November 29, but if it doesn't then it shouldn't take too long to show up. Whenever it hits, Awesomenauts Assemble will include the game plus all the features from the fundraised Starstorm expansion, including custom games setup, team deathmatch, five new characters, a new map, and some new tunes, too. As for the spectator and replay modes, Ronimo says they're covered by the console's streaming capability.

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