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Breakfast Topic: Do we need to re-customize our characters with the new models?


There have been some concerns from a few players about their character changing to the point where they will no longer recognize them. In short, they would like to have the option of a free re-customization with the new models so they can make sure their character's personality remains intact. In a BlizzCon interview, Tom Chilton mentioned that there are currently no plans to do this because it's their goal to make the models as true to the spirit of the originals as possible.

Again I think it's just way too early to make a determination, and Tom certainly didn't give a definite answer. Our artists are going to extreme lengths to ensure the new models and animations embody (kyuck knyuck?) what you know and love about your characters. Our hope (and Tom's point) is that you log in, go AWESOME, and enjoy playing your character that still looks and moves and acts like your character - just at a much higher fidelity. If it comes down to it and we just totally miss the mark I'm sure we'd at least seriously consider offering a chance to pick something else. But again, too early to say for sure.

Blizzard is very aware of how attached people can get to their characters. You aren't going to log in and see a total stranger. There will be some differences, but that is unavoidable when you are doing a revamp of this scale.

Can we at least wait until beta before we freak out? Maybe see the models in action before jumping to any conclusions? Nothing we've seen is final, and as Bashiok mentioned, if they somehow totally miss the mark then a re-customization is something they would at least consider. Judging by the little comparison I threw together below, I don't think they missed the mark at all. I think it captures the spirit of the original perfectly. What about you? Are you concerned about not recognizing your character when they receive their graphical upgrade?

Dwarf Character Model Comparison

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