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Europeans to stay unfit for another week after Wii Fit U retail delay


Wii Fit U will jog into Europe a week later than planned, now launching on December 13 alongside the North American version. Like most Europeans, I'll be taking advantage of the extra week off by indulging in all that is ludicrously unhealthy - so, pretty much a normal week for me.

Alternatively, would-be fitness gurus can download the game's 31-day trial version, and then maybe purchase the $20 Fit Meter. The add-on which measures activity intensity, is available right now and unlocks the full Wii Fit U game when synced with the trial version - bear in mind that offer ends on January 31, 2014, and that you'll still need a Balance Board. Alternatively you can buy the full game plus Fit Meter when it's released next month, although that'll give your wallet more of a workout.

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