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Engadget HD Podcast 374 - 11.12.13

Jon Turi, @jonturi

As the launch date draws near for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, our hosts Ben Drawbaugh and Richard Lawler discuss the HD potential contained within. Richard has his consoles scheduled for just-in-time delivery, rather than tempting to beat the clock like some early adopters, although game selection isn't a personal selling point. Any game would probably look incredible on a new 4K TV though and with budget-priced units starting to hit the market; having one in your living room starts to seem plausible. We have a few mobile-enabled set-top boxes to chat about as well -- if Richard can ignore Ben's jabs at the merits of Michael Bay. Whatever your HD pleasure, you've come to the right place. This week's podcast is just a click away at the streaming links below.

Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the podcast:

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