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Xbox One launch event to be streamed on Spike TV, Xbox channels


Not to be outdone, Microsoft is hosting its own Spike TV-aired launch event for the Xbox One next week, and it'll air at 8PM PT/11PM ET on Thursday, November 21. You'll also be able to watch the live show on and Xbox Live, which will showcase launch events taking place across the globe, as well as the "ultimate midnight celebration" taking place in New York City.

"Today we invite millions of Xbox fans around the world to join us for the launch of Xbox One, beginning on Nov. 21 as we count down the final hours to the launch of Xbox One," Corporate VP of Marketing & Strategy Yusuf Mehdi proclaimed. "Xbox One will be the biggest launch in the history of Xbox and we can't wait to celebrate with our fans."

There's no word if Microsoft's shindig will match the "exclusive world premieres and announcements" of tomorrow's PS4 event - whatever they may be - but the apparent "pinnacle of the evening" is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performing outside the Best Buy Theater in in Times Square. Make of that what you will.

In case you've got this far and are still wondering what the hubbub's about, we better remind you the Xbox One launches in nine days time on November 22, priced $500.

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