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David Sparks releases Email field guide for iPad


Blogger, author and all-around nice guy David Sparks has just announced the release of the fourth in his best-selling series of MacSparky Field Guides. The latest is a deep dive into the world of email -- the Email Field Guide (US$9.99) is an exhaustive look at email and the inbox as an incredible problem for so many people.

By exhaustive, I mean that this iBooks masterpiece is loaded with information. It's over 46,000 words in length (just under one NaNoWriMo novel long), has eight audio interviews, 36 detailed screencasts totaling almost 90 minutes in length and a lot more material to get your email problem under control.

Sparks doesn't just talk to the Apple cognescenti about email in his interviews; he's also nabbed such folks as actress/comedian Aisha Tyler and director and writer David Wain to lend their perspectives (and humor) on taming the inbox.

The 1.15 GB iBook looks like it's going to be an instant classic, and we hope to have a full review of it soon.

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