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EverQuest Next Landmark livestream delves into player-made structures


One of the most touted features of Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming EverQuest Next Landmark is most certainly the ability of players to alter the world and build their own structures within it. If you're a would-be architect who wants to get more details on EQN Landmark's construction process, then you're in luck because yesterday's official livestream consists of over 50 minutes of building-related questions, answers, and even gameplay.

Of course, a 50 minute video can't be easily summarized without turning this article into a novella, but suffice it to say that the devs reveal plenty of tasty information morsels on topics including resource gathering, world size, territory control, and naturally, building construction. And if that isn't enough, the video also features a healthy dose of honest-to-goodness gameplay footage of a player-made structure being built in real time. For all this and more, check out the full EQN Landmark video after the cut.

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