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Five iOS apps to help you get educated online


In our connected world, there are a growing number of sites and services that you can use to get an education online. Here are five resources that have iOS apps, so your learning doesn't have to slow you down.

iTunesU [iOS Universal; Free]

iTunesU is Apple's educational resource. The app gives you access to growing digital catalog of courses from leading universities and other schools. There are over 600,000 free lectures, books and videos available at your fingertips.

Khan Academy [iOS Universal; Free]

Khan Academy offers free courses that cover math, science, humanities and more. There are over 4,200 videos and more are being added on a regular basis.

TED [iOS Universal; Free]

TED offers talks from some of the brightest minds and top thinkers of our day. Though not courses per se, the TED video collection will challenge you in ways you never would have never imagined. [iOS Universal; Free, subscription required) has a wealth of video courses to help you learn how to program, use your camera, create an image in photoshop and more. Requires a subscription to access the content on the iPad and iPhone.

Pluralsight [iOS Universal; Free, subscription required)

Pluralsight is a developer- and IT-focused training site that offers courses in Microsoft technologies like Sharepoint, web technologies like HTML5, iOS programming and more. Requires a Pluralsight subscription to access the content on the iPad and iPhone.

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