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Spike 2013 VGAs show gets a date, new name


This year's Spike VGAs graces our screens and our hearts on December 7, the same date it aired last year. Not everything's the same as it was last year, however, because as Spike host Geoff Keighley revealed, the awards show/trailer fest is now called VGX.

As for the why of the name change... we don't know. It could be due to the show's "expanded digital footprint" as noted by Keighley. Or maybe it'll be extra exciting? Perhaps X-rated? Maybe it'll have a sister show called VGY? Your guess is as good as ours (or much better.)

There's no word on the nominations, who's hosting (Samuel Jackson took the reins last year), and which awkward celebrity cameos to expect. In any case, two new consoles should make for an eventful billing, and we'll be sure to cover all the major news from the night.

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