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Improved Evernote web clipper for Safari integrates several services


It's easy to find your life revolving around Evernote at times. The note-taking service is powerful, easy to use and free; and it keeps improving. Evernote's iOS app recently underwent a thorough makeover that has dramatically improved the speed of finding and creating new notes. Today, the company released its new web clipper for Safari, and it's making me reconsider giving my Mac browser another run.

The updated web clipper allows you to save a webpage, mark it up with annotations and save your work as a screenshot, use an Instapaper-like filter to simplify a website to just its basic elements before saving or save as a bookmark in Evernote.

As a fan of Evernote Clearly for Chrome, I'd like to note the Safari clipper is actually a little more powerful. You can watch a video below explaining everything the clipper is capable of, and then head over to Evernote's site for your free download.

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