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Apple Stores create beautiful iPhone 5c-themed window display


If you've been to an Apple Store lately, chances are good that you've seen the incredible window display that was created for the iPhone 5c introduction in September. It's a series of one-inch plastic balls in the five bright iPhone 5c colors, strung on nylon strings to create three-dimensional rectangles. ifo Apple Store has come up with some fascinating trivia regarding the displays in a post that also features a bunch of photos in case you haven't seen the displays in person.

The post notes that each shape is nine rows deep by nine rows wide by 18 rows high, and there are five rectangles in each, so for each store display you're looking at 7,290 balls. The nylon strings are placed with precision in top and bottom lucite plates that keep the balls perfectly aligned to create a complex visual effect as you walk by.

According to a source at an Apple Store who spoke with TUAW, the displays came as a kit and had to be hand-assembled by sales reps in the stores -- the night before the launch of the iPhone 5c. There's no word on how many sales reps quit after this or are now undergoing therapy.

ifo Apple Store estimates that all of the displays in approximately 350 Apple Stores (not all have the space and windows for the display) consist of 2,551,500 balls. However, the main photo on this post appears to show another similar display in a second window, in which case there could be well over 5 million plastic balls in all of the displays.

There's no word on when the displays will be removed, or what will be done with them. Be sure to visit your local Apple Store to check out the eye-dazzling display while it's still "hanging around."

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