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WildStar gears up for another class livestream this weekend

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you ready for the next re-revealed class in WildStar's lineup? Because another livestream is coming up on Saturday, and based on the hints in that announcement you can take a shot in the dark and know that it's going to be the Spellslinger.

Wait. That wasn't a hint at all. And it makes sense, as the class was the third class originally known for the game. Not that this would prevent the team from throwing everyone for a loop, of course. But whether or not a loop is thrown, you can make a point of catching the next stream on the game's official livestream channel, which will feature the usual array of gameplay mixed with banter for fans.

What's that? You missed the most recent livestream and want to catch up? Well, that's all right, it's archived and viewable just the same. Due to minor technical issues it's broken up into two parts, but that shouldn't be an insurmountable issue. Check out the Esper in all its mentalistic glory just past the break!

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