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Apple debuts video trailers on the App Store with "Clumsy Ninja"


Remember Clumsy Ninja? You know, the app that was first previewed way back when Apple first unveiled the iPhone 5? Yeah, that little guy.

Well after a year-long wait, it's finally available for download in the App Store where it's getting the red carpet treatment. Clumsy Ninja is the first app to feature a video preview, something developers and consumers have been interested in for some time now.

MacStories reports:

Apple is featuring Clumsy Ninja, an iOS game that was first announced at the iPhone 5 keynote in 2012, with a custom page on the App Store that, alongside a description, features a 1-minute trailer for the game. The custom feature page is live on the UK App Store at the moment and it features Clumsy Ninja as Editor's Choice for the week; it's likely that the game will also be featured on the US App Store and other international stores later today.

There's only so much one can glean from just a few screenshots, so hopefully we'll see more gameplay previews of apps make their way into the App Store in the future.

Clumsy Ninja is a free download and is available here on iTunes.

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