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Can we all please agree to never wear our iPhones as necklaces?


You've undoubtedly seen some people do some strange things to their iPhones. From turning the home button into a blingy bow tie to sticking a tiny Starbucks latte in the audio port, there seems to be no shortage of ways to make your iPhone unique. However, I implore you not to follow whatever strange fashion trend is leading people to stick their iPhones into leather cases equipped with massively long chains and then hang those chains around their necks. The iPhone is not a necklace.

The epicenter of this still modest craze seems to be fashion house Vanesa Rey, which even went to such lengths as to produce a video showing how fashionable it is to sling your smartphone around your head stalk.

Maybe I don't understand high fashion -- ok, I'll outright admit that I don't -- but all I can think of when I look at this product is how many things I'd accidentally get it caught in. In a normal day I imagine my iPhone mistakenly taking a bath in the sink, slammed in a car door, caught in an office drawer and roasted in a frying pan.

Please, think of the iPhones.

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