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Three more EverQuest Next classes confirmed

MJ Guthrie

If all you want for Christmas is more EverQuest Next news, PC Gamer UK has an early present for you: three more confirmed classes! Cleric, Necromancer, and Beast Lord are joining the five other revealed classes of Wizard, Tempest, Warrior, Rogue, and Blademaster. Didn't get the one class you were hoping for? Don't despair -- with over 40 classes, there's a good chance that many fan favorites will still make it into the game along with interesting new ones.

The reveal also offered a little insight into each of the new classes as well as the Tempest. The Cleric utilizes one- or two-handed hammers to buff and protect, but also gets fire to unleash damage. Using a tome or dagger and spells, Necromancers also command a Monstrosity companion that grows in power alongside its master. The Beast Lord uses pets, flails and shields, and spears to inflict massive damage on enemies. And the Tempest wields either a two-handed blade or two blades and calls upon winds and lightning to blast enemies.

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